Przepraszamy ale z uwagi na to, że (możliwie nieświadomie) używasz przestarzałej wersji przeglądarki nie możesz wyświetlić tej strony.

Zalecamy sciągnięcie i zainstalowanie innej przeglądarki szybszej i bezpieczniejszech od twojej obecnej.

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How DNA tests work?

DNA is a genetic code, distinct for each living organism. Each person has its own, unique DNA code. DNA encodes such features as our skin colour, height, hair colour, sport abilities, easiness to acquire knowledge or the way we experience emotions.


DNA is a sequence of four nucleotides A (adenine), G (guanine), C (cytosine) and T (thymine). The code is referred to as triplet - which means that each sequence of three nucleotides encodes a single, precisely defined amino acid. In the process of translation comes to translating the DNA code into proteins - more amino acids together form a macromolecular biopolymers, responsible for our all vital functions.


What sets us apart are minor changes in the DNA code. They may be e.g. single nucleotide variations (SNPs), or type of insertion-deletions change (indels). Any such change results in a protein with a slightly different function and other effect on our body. We differ only by 0.33% from each other. This 0.33% however, is up to 10 million nucleotides that make genetic code of every person unique - being responsible for differentiated expression of proteins, hormones and enzymes.




Our DNA tests  identify the sequence of particular genes which have defined function of encoded proteins. We provide tests indicating your athletic abilities and defining the intensity of fourteen personality traits. Thanks to science we help people discover their own potential. The result of a genetic test answers the question, to what kind of sports you have greater natural ability. A DNA test can also affect your child's talent discovery or development of your career and your goals.


How does the laboratory analysis of your DNA look like?


DNA is isolated from your buccal swab collected from the inside mouth area. Then, DNA goes under amplification process using a method called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). Amplified DNA fragments are sequenced which enables to determine the precise order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule. When the DNA code is revealed, its sequence is aligned with bioinformatics database. Hence, your particular phenotypic traits are identified! The DNA test report is send directly to your e-mail and the DNA sample is destroyed immediately after laboratory analysis.

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