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20 April

5 things you need to know about Sport DNA test

Divination, information bogus or Science backed by professional testing? Probably many of us ask themselves this question. So, how is it? It is worth trying? What is the final result of the test - what will it tell me, will I be satisfied? How much does it actually cost?

  1. What knowledge underlies these DNA test?

In 1998, prof. Hugh Montgomery and his team from University College of London identified the ACE gene responsible for outstanding achievements in the field of endurance sports. Soon after, prof. Kathryn North from the University of Sydney has identified another gene - ACTN3, which is responsible for the excellent results in terms of power sports. These research had been confirmed in other populations, thereby proving the indisputability of their findings.


After these news, an avalanche of research on sports predisposition had begun - some obviously were more thoughtful than others ...


Research on new genes that determine the outstanding athletic potential have the same pattern: the final confirmation of gene’s function is based at DNA of as many outstanding athletes, representing different populations. Currently around 200 genes have been proven to be responsible for athletic abilities. Of course, scientists will not stop on that...

  1. Is this test only for professionals?

Until recently, yes. The cost of such tests (from a few to over a dozen thousand PLN!) and their inaccessibility caused that simply almost no one knew about them. But it is today, not yesterday, so the test is no longer only within the Olympians reach. You can even order it on your address, swab and send it back to the lab. The cost is still quite an expense (750 PLN), so you need to think about “what’s in it for me”?

  1. What’s in it for me?

You'll know if you have a predisposition toward strength or endurance sports. There will be no more thoughts of "what am I doing here, anyway?!" or, "they are definitely bigger (muscles) / certainly they are smaller (thighs)," etc. You will be able to fit your workout into your natural predisposition. Simply – your training will be way more effective.


You'll get a dozen pages report concerning your sports genotype – you’ll learn what is your risk of injury, what to pay extra attention, how to take care of balance in your training, what is the recovery time of your body and how you can work on it. You will be able to compare how your abilities rank against the background of the entire population (score in percentiles). You will gain knowledge by which you decide to prepare for a marathon or for powerlifting. Or maybe with this knowledge you come to a conclusion that sometimes it’s worth it to get outside the gym and just go jump in the forest ... (plyometric training). Knowledge is power, as are its effects.

  1. Does it hurt?

Swabbing is very easy – you get a DNA kit, a manual – it’s a child’s play.

However, if it comes to personalized training program attached to your report, unfortunately we can’t promise that it will not hurt :)

  1. What’s the best company to choose and what about the protection of sensitive personal data?

Of course the answer is simple - DNA for fun. We are a Polish company, so your DNA is tested in Polish laboratory - our native science in no way stands out from the foreign and with great pride we repeat that over and over again. DNA for fun tests the greatest number of markers, and the final report is our showpiece, the best product created by our biotechnologists and personal trainers. (+ of course the great role of the graphic designer)

Regarding the protection of personal data, we decided on the most effective way - people conducting laboratory analysis do not have access to your personal information. Despite the fact that our trust in them is boundless, a priority for us is that you feel safe. When ordering, you can enter your age and gender - they are voluntarily provided information that our scientists will be very happy with, because they could count a Bernoulli distribution, Student’s t-test and other equally fascinating...


We will expand our portfolio of DNA tests. Why? Because it's our passion and genetics is not only "art for art's sake". On the contrary - it has dozens of very practical applications. You can test it yourself :)

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