Przepraszamy ale z uwagi na to, że (możliwie nieświadomie) używasz przestarzałej wersji przeglądarki nie możesz wyświetlić tej strony.

Zalecamy sciągnięcie i zainstalowanie innej przeglądarki szybszej i bezpieczniejszech od twojej obecnej.

Career DNA Test analyses 12 personality traits.

Despite the fact that it is our environment and our life experiences that have the greatest influence on our personality, it is wise to recognize that each person is born with an already existing group of behavioral traits coded in our DNA.  


This is the reason that from birth some people are decisive and stress resistant, while others are sociable and spontaneous.  Career DNA Test gives you the unique opportunity to explore yourself.  DNA test indicates which personality traits are inborn.  These traits can then be analysed to understand the extent your life choices had impact on who you are now.


Career DNA Test aims to broaden your knowledge about yourself and to give you the opportunity to chart the path forward. 

Career DNA Test analyses 12 personality traits.
See the intensity the personality traits in your DNA!

impulsive, authentic, instinctive, reckless behavior


conscious or unconscious, strong and unstable feelings


having the power or quality to make decisions


disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome


bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, pain with fortitude and calm and without complain


transforms existing opportunities to new ideas and introduces them to practical use


inclined to associate with or be in the company of others

Stress resistant

direct effort to master, reduce or tolerate stressors


having no uncertainty about one's own abilities, correctness, successfulness


awareness of current emotions, needs, thoughts, capabilities, or limitations


formulates tasks that must be done to achieve the objectives

Risk taker

troublemaker, adventurer, hero

As a curiosity, your DNA can also be analyzed for the below two features:
Sex driven

lust, desire for sexual pleasure

Bon vivant

someone who knows and likes to have fun, carefree lifestyle use

Each personal trait is presented in the final report by its intensity:

Please note that our life and own selves form our character the most!

Once you order your DNA test from our online store, we will send a DNA kit to you. Collect your DNA sample by swabbing the internal part of your cheek – this is a completely painless movement similar to brushing your teeth. Send the swab back to us. In our laboratory we will isolate your DNA, which will be examined in further laboratory analysis. You will receive your DNA personality report by email within four weeks.

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