Przepraszamy ale z uwagi na to, że (możliwie nieświadomie) używasz przestarzałej wersji przeglądarki nie możesz wyświetlić tej strony.

Zalecamy sciągnięcie i zainstalowanie innej przeglądarki szybszej i bezpieczniejszech od twojej obecnej.

The Child Talent DNA test is divided into three main categories

Each personal trait is presented in the final report by its intensity:


Peter Pan test

Was your child born a daredevil?


adventurer, troublemaker, hero


Does your child have a high level of self-confidence?

strong certainty of one’s own abilities, correctness, and successfulness

Is he or she

directs his/her efforts to master, reduce, or tolerate stressors

Or maybe your child is extremely emotional?

conscious or unconscious, strong and unstable feelings

Some of the character traits that are passed to our children through DNA do not appear from the start. It may take years to understand the personality of our children. Knowledge is power – Our analysis of DNA provides you with a fun and unique opportunity to reveal the secret of your baby's personality. We pass our knowledge directly to your hands. The DNA test report will detail which personality traits your child have and the strength of each personality trait in his or hers DNA.


Ordering “Peter Pan” test will allow you to understand your child's personality; and consequently, give you the chance to consciously help develop his or her character. We are convinced that it is worth trying!


The Lion King test

Detection of genes that are associated with character enables to understand the child's needs. The test will verify the intensity of the occurrence of features such as:


transforms existing opportunities to new ideas and introduces them for practical use


formulates tasks that must be done to achieve goals


is aware of the currently experienced emotions, needs, thoughts, capabilities, or limitations

Each of us is unique and each of us represent the unique traits of character. The opportunity to explore inherited personality traits could be the basis to personalize education system, e.g. extracurrical activities. Namely, having extraordinary character should go along with extraordinary development program.


“The Lion King” test gives you the opportunity to check intensity of these features in your child’s DNA. It is a chance for you to better understand your child – his/her potential, needs, and hidden aspirations... Knowledge is power.


Jack Snow test


spontaneous, authentic, impulsive, and reckless behavior


the ability to make decisions using the analysis of factual information


bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, pain with fortitude and, calm and without complain

Vartan Gregorian said „The universe is not going to see someone like you again in the entire history of creation”. Each child is a sensation – e.g. she or he can be highly spontaneous and low in decision making – in our DNA test there are no good and bad results. Final report of DNA analysis will show data, which are unique and one of a kind – just as your child is.


By examining the intensity of these features you will be able to develop an improved understanding of your child’s personality. To DNA for fun is knowledge, and understanding is the basis for further action!

Order the package and pay less!

Once you order your DNA test from our online store, we will send a DNA kit to you. Collect your DNA sample by swabbing the internal part of your cheek – this is a completely painless movement similar to brushing your teeth. Send the swab back to us. In our laboratory we will isolate your DNA, which will be examined in further laboratory analysis. You will receive your DNA personality report by email within four weeks.

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