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05 December

New DNA test in our genetic portfolio!

New DNA test in our portfolio! Soon we will present another test, which will become part of our genetic portfolio! Thanks to the great support of Personal Trainers and Scientists from the Polish Research Institutes we will be able to offer you a test which determines your athletic abilities!  

Our goal is to increase your training knowledge! And besides having joy & fun that accompany physical exertion, you could learn more about your natural abilities.  



DNA test will be called Sport DNA and the research will cover:


1. Strength and endurance - define whether you have predisposition towards a sprinter or a marathon runner;
2. The risk of injury - advise if there are any precautions you should take during your work out;
3. Recovery time - explain your natural tolerance to lactic acid and advise how to decrease recovery time;

In addition, we will be able to explore possible risk factors:

1. Susceptibility to Achilles tendinopathy

2. Risk for Sickle Cell Anemia

We discover your athletic abilities to make your training bringing best results. If you have questions, suggestions,
or you are a personal trainer - write to us - we care about your opinion!

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