Przepraszamy ale z uwagi na to, że (możliwie nieświadomie) używasz przestarzałej wersji przeglądarki nie możesz wyświetlić tej strony.

Zalecamy sciągnięcie i zainstalowanie innej przeglądarki szybszej i bezpieczniejszech od twojej obecnej.

Knowledge is power. Explore your DNA!

DNA has significant influence on all our features.



Am I spontaneous, emotional, decisive, optimistic, patient, innovative, sociable, stress resistant, self-confident? Do I have high athletic potential? Genes are not only responsible for our hair colour or cancer risk. Genes determine all features we represent. Our company is engaged in spreading knowledge about the diversity of human genotypes.   


We help people discover their own potential. 


We are new, polish company. Our mission is to popularize science. Vibrant development of genetics resulted in availability of many DNA tests on the market. However they are mainly paternity tests or DNA tests for tumor markers . We prove that genetics have gone much further, giving you the opportunity to determine for example your athletic potential or personality profile.


Thanks to polish science and foreign cooperation we deliver innovative DNA tests which are based on present scientific research. We break stereotypes and give you a unique opportunity to explore depths of your DNA. Fascinating genetics discoveries have never before been available at your fingertips!


Laboratory analysis allows us to determine your athletic potential.

Basing on laboratory analysis of your DNA we determine what athletic abilities you have. Such tests have been made by many professional athletes, it's time to make them available to everyone! Check our Sport DNA test and let us surprise you!

Our goal is to add more tests to our DNA test offer so that our users could find the answers to other intriguing questions.

This is not only DNA that has impact on our character

but also environment which surround us, meaning our experiences too. This is the reason why gene (or epigenome) expression changes during aging. This signifies that there is no single, unalterable personality trait. But only when we know our strengths and weaknesses we can strive for meaningful improvement. Or just simply learn more about our ancestors and the genes they passed us.  

Genetics resembles the Enigma. Every day mysterious code is being cracked right under our nose and what is more, the current knowledge gives us the broad spectrum of possibilities for its exploration.

Every day we learn more about genetic code.

Today the scientists, basing only on the biological traces from the crime scene are able to define the criminal profile and his age (close up to 5 years). Academic performance in mathematics or science can be determined from child DNA too. What is more, out of the DNA analysis, we can learn about our athletic potential and upgrade personalized workout plan.

Genetics is dynamically developing field of knowledge and as a consequence DNA tests day by day become richer and more precise. Knowledge is power!

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