Przepraszamy ale z uwagi na to, że (możliwie nieświadomie) używasz przestarzałej wersji przeglądarki nie możesz wyświetlić tej strony.

Zalecamy sciągnięcie i zainstalowanie innej przeglądarki szybszej i bezpieczniejszech od twojej obecnej.

Personalized training program and… there are no more limits
Sport DNA



Risk of injury

Recovery time

Safe Sport DNA


Sickle cell disease


Sport DNA:

Strength and endurance

Risk of injury

Recovery time

Strength and endurance

Through DNA analysis you will leverage your training knowledge. You will find out which genes variant you possess of those responsible for:

  • generating instantaneously a lot of power
  • blood pressure control
  • efficient energy production in conditions of energy shortage
  • transport of lactic acid

What do I get ?

  • A comprehensive report containing information about
    your genes and sport predispositions
  • the most recommended strength and endurance training program based on your inborn potential


Sport means passion, sport is a lifestyle. Together with the super knowledge about your predispositions you gonna get increased motivation and great energy boost.



Tested markers ( gene variants ) :



ACTN3 Encoding fast twitch muscle
fibers proliferation
ACE Responsible for blood pressure control and fast
twitch muscle fibers proliferation
IGN1 Responsible for glucose metabolism
under anaerobic conditions
IGN2 Responsible for lactic acid



Determining athletic potential leads to advancement of the features for which you have natural predisposition and conscious development of those harder to train. In brief - how to train and not to overtrain. And how you should increase the training load in a brainy manner.


We will explain you what kind of strength and endurance training program will bring you the best results and giant satisfaction. Set your goals high and push yourself!  

Risk of injury

Time for safe workout!


Is your organism susceptible to contusions? We can advise you whether you are in the higher risk of injuries and what can you do to prevent them. Help us building the atmosphere of mindful and intensive trainings – stay inspired, follow you dreams and never give up.





Dna markers:



ACTN3 Encoding fast twitch muscle fibers proliferation
ACE Responsible for blood pressure control and fast
twitch muscle fibers proliferation


Analysis of these two markers indicates a person resistant to micro-cracks of skeletal striated muscles.

Recommendations you will receive in the report are associated with the exposure to muscle micro-cracks as a result of the stretching and the scar tissue formation. In consequence this micro-cracks can cause significant weakening of the muscle in the future.


You can easily decrease the risk of injury through setting an appropriate eccentric training program. You will find more about it in your final report.

Because sport is a preserver of health.

Recovery time

We all know that there is no better soreness than muscle pain after workout.


Sometimes, however, already during the training we become exhausted and don’t feel like doing any more. It is directly related to the metabolism of lactic acid. Genetic factors are responsible for its more or less efficient metabolism.


Of course there is prescription! Knowing recovery time of your body we can advise you what kind of training would be most effective for you and what you can do to efficiently extract energy from the lactic acid build up.





DNA marker:



IGN2 responsible for lactic
acid metabolism



Lactic acid tolerance training is a training program that regulates lactate threshold in your blood. It is strongly recommended for the athletes who have slower lactic acid oxidation process and as a result have lower energy reservoir. What Lactic acid tolerance training will do for you is make your body more efficient at reprocessing the waste, products of exercise, transporting oxygen to your blood and allowing you to run nearer to maximal speed for a longer period of time.


In the report you will find the best training option aligned with your genetic makeup. Obviously this does not mean that it won’t hurt! No pain no gain.

Order Sport DNA test and Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!

Check Sport DNA advantages!

DNA collection step by step

See , what are the possible risks of Sport DNA

  • Sharing the results with third parties may be associated with favoring people with natural predisposition to a particular training
  • Recommended training program included in the report will be more effective if is (along with test results ) consulted with Personal Trainer

Safe Sport DNA

Safe Sport DNA

Safe Sport DNA is a genetic test that explains your exposure to contusions and health risks. We recommend this test to very active athletes who enjoy extremely intensive training. In the report you will find out whether there are any factors you should pay special attention to.

Sickle cell disease

Dna markers:



HBB responsible for oxygen transport


The analysis of the HBB gene will tell you if you belong to an increased risk group for sickle erythrocytes. People in this group inherit one modified and one unmodified copy of the gene HBB. It encodes a protein involved in the transport of oxygen in the body.


Under normal circumstances, the consequences of having this predisposition remain unnoticed, but when it comes to large anaerobic exercise or training at high altitudes, it could result in blockages of blood vessels, which in turn can lead to rhabdomyolysis.


The probability of having this mutation is small - 1 person for 6000 is a mutation carrier. Still, the knowledge about your variant can help you minimize every associated risks.

Tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon

DNA markers:



IGN3, IGN4 associated with susceptibility to the
occurrence of Achilles tendinopathy


By analyzing Achilles tendinopathy markers you get information, whether you are in a group with increased, neutral, or reduced risk of this injury. This allows you to arrange an optimal training plan, taking into account mindful workloads. The risk classification as “increased” does not prejudge the occurrence of this injury.


It may, however, be a valuable clue that increase your training knowledge and awareness of your body. The term tendinopathy means tendon damage accompanied by inflammation or chronic tendon injuries.

Order Safe Sport DNA test and take care of your comfort!

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Once you order your DNA test from our online store, we will send a DNA kit to you. Collect your DNA sample by swabbing the internal part of your cheek – this is a completely painless movement similar to brushing your teeth.


Send the swab back to us. In the laboratory we will isolate your DNA, which will be examined in further laboratory analysis. You will receive your Sport DNA report by email within three weeks.

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